Everything you should know before getting hair extensions

The ugly truth behind the hair industry.

Long hair don’t care? Not so easy. Having beautiful and healthy hair was often considered a symbol of femininity and sexuality. So much that the desire of many women to have beautiful hair goes beyond simple hair growth tips or hairstyle tutorials you can find online. 

With modern society’s beauty standards, quick fixes and instant makeovers seem like a good idea if you want to achieve that ‘perfect’ look. Easy solution? Hair extensions.

Hair extensions aren’t a recent thing in the beauty industry. Both real and synthetic hair has been in demand for ages (it even dates back to Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt).

However,  the idea of a long voluminous hair as we know it today was born in the ’90s when clip-in hair extensions became affordable for the wider masses. Still, beauty sometimes comes with a cost, but not just the one that affects only you.

What your hairdresser won’t tell you?

Getting a full head of a natural hair extension in most London salon’s can be really pricey. It takes up to 3 hours just to fit them, so you are not paying just the hair but the labour too. But do you know the true cost of your hair extensions?

While you are probably choosing the best hairdresser to do the job, have you ever wonder who chooses your hair extensions? Where do they come from? 

Photo credit: Element5 Digital

Most of the hair that supplies western countries are actually taken from the East. Women in third world countries grow their hair for over 2, 3 or more years in order to sell them to provide basic everyday necessities. Many are victims of exploitation, including children, living in poor conditions. 

While this industry is worth millions of pounds, woman and girls on the other side of the globe are taking a toll so others can have western culture and beauty ideals.

Selling their hair should be an option, not a necessity. Even if they decide to go down that road, they should be fairly paid. At the end of the day, you are paying your hair extensions enough to cover both costs, aren’t you?


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