Yoga skin: new glowing makeup trend everyone is crazy about

Get beautiful, natural-looking glow with this makeup mix.

We all know true beauty comes from within, but when we want to enhance it from outside there is no better way than with beautiful healthy skin. As a matter of fact, a good (and consistent!) skincare routine is a key for radiant and youthful-looking skin, not only to boost your confidence but to keep you healthy too. After all, the skin is the human body’s largest organ.

Thankfully, the power of makeup is so strong and amazing, even when our skin isn’t, so you can get this instant glow right away. How? Keep reading, you will love this one.

What is yoga skin?

Women across social media have been spotted wearing beautiful natural looks enhanced by a very cool highlighting technique. It’s all about luminous and youthful radiance that looks natural, flawless and healthy. Basically, your “no-makeup look” with an extra glow.

So what is yoga skin? The glowing makeup trend started with Sara Hill, UK makeup artist who created Instagram hashtag #yogaskin as it reminded her of a fresh and perfectly natural skin women have after their yoga class.

How to get the look?

To get the ultimate faux glow, start off with your regular skincare routine in order to prep your skin. Number one rule: hydration. Hydrated skin is what essentially makes glowing makeup trend so, well, glowing. Next steps?

  1. Build a base for your makeup by prepping the skin with a silicone-free primer.
  2. Now, this is where the magic happens – Sara Hills mixes liquid foundations with a drop of facial oil and few drops of liquid highlighter. You can also add glow drops. Finally, massage into the skin.
  3. Optional, if needed, add a small amount of concealer to cover up any spots or puffiness under the eyes.
  4. Use an alcohol-free setting spray to add extra hydration.




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