How to wear: summer linen
August 1, 2018 BY Antonia Piha


With cotton, silk or even denim and chiffon as the most favoured clothing fabrics, its place in the sun has finally found another very exciting material – linen. Although quite similar to cotton, linen is made of flax plants and the fibres are differently woven into cloth. It’s a breathable, hypoallergenic fabric that has a higher moisture absorbency than cotton, also more expensive as it’s hard to weave.

But why is so exciting? Well, it seems the fashion industry finally realised it’s time to embrace more sustainable materials especially when it comes to the warmest season of the year. This natural fabric is not only breathable as mentioned but will keep you cool during the summer.

Luckily, the fashion retailers embraced the trend as the stores and online shops offer various linen pieces help to make your holidays stylish and chic. Most of the brands have linen mix products which are a more affordable option, but still as good as other natural materials.

#Linen skirt

Photo credit: FTG Magazine


If there’s one type of the button that marked spring summer 2018 it must be a midi skirt. Easy to wear and style, this fashion-forward pieces is a new everyday essential. Keep it looking chic by mixing different textures and colours.

#Linen dress


Photo credit: FTG Magazine


You may have noticed how many street stylers and Instagramers wore button dresses this season as it’s one of the trendiest pieces right now. Whether you go with a little black linen dress or something a bit cheerful, mix one dramatic piece with the simple ones, such as comfy mules or a statement bag.

#Linen top

Photo credit: FTG Magazine


Okay, it may not be a groundbreaking combo, but how chic are culottes and a crop top. Looking for a cool summer look? Basket or woven bag, espadrille sandals, plus oversized sunnies are the right way to go here.

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