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The latest and most desirable detail this fall.
Thin scarf trend by
Photo credit: Carolines Mode, The Outsider, Livingly/ImaxTree, Neon blush

We are witnessing the fact that almost every season several fashion items become an irresistible must-have piece that you just want and need to have in your closet. And no, this time we’re not talking about expensive designer bags and sensational shoes on which most can only dream of. We’re talking about that one piece of clothing or accessories that you can easily blend into your everyday style and simply dress up or dress down to your preference. This fall that desirable item is a simple thin scarf.

Girls and women on the streets of the world’s fashion capitals showed off their exceptional stylings by wearing a thin black scarf wrapped around their neck in a cute bow or simply worn casually draped over clothes.

Although it seems as inconspicuous detail in your wardrobe, a thin scarf can actually look very effective, even with basic pieces of clothing such as a white shirt and black blazer.


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