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Denim with a twist.
Patchword denim trend by FTG:
Photo credit: FWP, Livingly, Stockholm street style, The Outsider

DIY projects never looked so chic! Fun and cool patches with playful motifs are not a novelty, in fact, we often have worn them as kids. Like many other trends, iron-on patches are back in a big way, but most importantly how they look super fashionable. Especially denim patchwork.

A stylish way to personalize your clothes and accessories, patchwork fashion is not reserved for the rebels, perhaps only those who are fashion-conscious.

In 2016 we are wearing patchwork jeans, denim jackets, even bags with trendy everyday pieces, such as high heels or ladylike tops. From total patch denim with lively motifs to some simple, but effective ones like butterflies and stars, patchwork denim has so many different variants. What suits you best?

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