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This is a coat that you need to have in your winter collection.
Photo credit: The Haute pursuit, FWP, Framboise fashion, SSS, Street Peeper, Shine by tree + FTG

In the world of colours, a camel has most certainly become a symbol of the classics. The famous Burberry trench coat became and still is popular exactly in this shade. This timeless colour is very much always associated with luxury and elegance.

If you plan to invest in a quality winter coat this season, you won’t go wrong with a camel coat. It makes a perfect match with a similar colour palette, but it also looks flawlessly in combination with almost all shades. Royal blue or dark green, burgundy or red, the list goes on. 

What makes this coat worth every penny is its versatility. You can wear it from day-to-night, it’s ideal for business looks such as chic woman suits, but also for evening events. It simply makes a perfect pair with cocktail dresses and more formal pieces, but don’t forget about denim too. It seems like a perfect piece, doesn’t it?

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