Top 8 celebrity Instagram accounts with most beautiful feed to follow

See which celebrities have the most curated Insta feeds.

When she joined Instagram in October, Jennifer Aniston literally broke the Internet (and Guinness World Records title), gaining 1 million followers in just 5 hours and 16 minutes. Aniston took the title from Megan and Harry, who previously did the same thing with their @sussexroyal account, leaving them just 30 minutes behind. 

That perfectly sums up the power of celebrities, doesn’t it? No matter the content, these famous singers, actors, models and TV personalities have the talent, fame, money, looks, glamour, a life many want. It seems they don’t have to try that hard, at least not on Instagram. 

Yet, some big names use their social platforms as an inspirational playground, creating and sharing valuable (or at least aesthetically pleasing) content you want to follow, even if you are not a fan. 

Here are celebrities worth checking out:


She might be the obvious choice being the 9th on the most followed Instagram accounts list, but the famous singer has a really coherent feed mostly focused on the style and her glamorous outfits. She sticks to the 3 in the row grid, barely ever using captions. Images speak louder than words, don’t they?

INSTA HANDLE: @beyonce
FOLLOWERS: 144 million 
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Glamorous fashion and beauty. Or simply Beyoncé.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

English supermodel and founder of a beauty brand Rose Inc. has probably one of the most beautiful curated Insta feeds. Even if you are not a big fan of luxurious minimalism, you can’t deny Rosie is doing an amazing job.

INSTA HANDLE: @rosiehw
FOLLOWERS: 11 million 
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Fashion, beauty, minimalist aesthetic.

Khloé Kardashian

You either love or hate them, however, you have to give Khloé a credit for having a consistent theme going on on her Instagram. Soft pastel aesthetic is her thing, and we can’t blame her, it looks really cute.

INSTA HANDLE: @khloekardashian
FOLLOWERS: 107 million 
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Feminine fashion and lifestyle.

Ariana Grande

Ariana’s account is the 2nd most followed Instagram profile in the world, just after famous football player Christiano Ronaldo (not including Instagram’s own account). The popular singer is persistent with the dark and vintage theme posting snippets of the glamorous life.

INSTA HANDLE: @arianagrande
FOLLOWERS: 179 million 
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Behind the scenes of celeb life.

Florence Welch

Florence’s artistic aesthetic may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this talented Florence + the Machine singer definitely knows how to create a cohesive and whimsical feed. Her over to her Instagram for your dose of bohemian vintagy inspiration.

INSTA HANDLE: @florence
FOLLOWERS: 1.8 million 
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Art, poetry, music.

Madison Beer

Youtuber turned Hollywood singer, 21-year old Madison Beer quickly gained fame following the release of her debut album in 2018. Similar to her friend Ariana Grande, she shared details from her life, from behind the scenes to the street style and inspiration.

INSTA HANDLE: @madisonbeer
FOLLOWERS: 16 million 
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Celebs in the making.

Lauren Conrad

Former The Hills star created several businesses in the past 10 years after leaving reality TV. She now focuses on her family, sharing lifestyle content through her brands.

INSTA HANDLE: @laurenconrad
FOLLOWERS: 6 million 
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Lifestyle, home, food, family.

Quintessa Swindell

Up and coming actress who viewers may recognise as Tabitha Foster on Netflix’s Trinkets, Quintessa Swindell uses Instagram to creatively display fragments of her life and travel adventures. A rising star barely uses captions, but strong imagery does the work too.

INSTA HANDLE: @q.uintessa
FOLLOW IF YOU LIKE: Fashion, travel, millennial lifestyle.

Editor’s note: Feature image via Ariana Grande Instagram