Top 5 easy DIY manicures you can do at home like a pro

Feeling crafty? You don’t need to be a pro to do your nails – here are super chic and easy manicures to try.

Okay, so you are thinking, no way, a DIY manicure is definitely not for me; I’m not talented/creative/innovative enough. Stop right there. You would rather go to your favourite salon and get it gone by a professional, but now more than ever, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and experiment.

DIY, not disaster – some manicures everyone can do.

You might be stuck in isolation at home, bored of simple monochromatic manicures you usually do or need to be budget-conscious during this crisis. Still, there’s no reason not to jazz up your nails – a little bit of improvisation goes a long way.

It might be a trial and error, but you will save money and have fun while doing it. Plus, all of these manicures work beautifully for short and long nails, so success is most likely guaranteed.

Here are manicures you can easily DIY at home like a pro:

In lined

Keep things simple with these subtle, yet super chic minimal line nails. Vertical, horizontal or both, the black line seems like the obvious choice, but leave some room for experimenting too.


  1. Prep your nails with a base coat to prevent nails from chipping. Depending on the contrast and effect you want to achieve, choose your main colour.
  2. Apply two coats of the nail polish and let it dry.
  3. Next, it’s time to create a line. There are a few ways you can create a sharp line(s). You can use nail art striping tape which will give you a very precise result. Alternatively, if you don’t have any, freestyle with a thin paintbrush.
  4. Let it dry and apply a coat of clear nail polish.

Monochromatic ombre

When you have trouble choosing one, pick five. Colours, of course. Monochromatic ombre manicure is a nail trend literally everyone is obsessing over on social media, and frankly, so do we.

When we say ombre, we don’t mean your typical manicure that requires some technical skills, but something a bit simpler and more contemporary.


  1. Start with preparing your nails with a base coat. 
  2. Choose your colour spectrum, you can go 50 shades of grey fading from black to white, play with pastel shades or stick to one hue that gradually fades on each nail. Pro tip: you don’t have to have all 5 shades of your gradient – you can mix the main colour with white until you get the shade you like. Mix them with a toothpick or a small brush on a clean surface (P.S. You can use a metal spoon that is easy to wash afterwards). 
  3. Once you find the right colours, apply two coats of each on all nails. 
  4. Let it dry and apply a coat of clear nail polish.

Spot the dot

Polka dots meet minimalism – this chic manicure is all about simplicity. Seen all over our Instagram, nail artists and DIY enthusiasts are creating cute manicures with a single dot placed on each nail you can easily recreate at home.


  1. Prep your nails with a base coat and then choose the base colour; however, neutral or light colour nail polish will have the biggest effect. Once you applied two coats of nail polish, let it dry.
  2. Here comes the fun part – take a bobby pin, pen, earbud or anything with a rounded end of a size you want. Dip into the other contrasting colour, once for each dot and apply on the desired place on your nail.
  3. Let it dry and apply a coat of clear nail polish


Another easy-peasy manicure requires a little bit of patience and some creativity for impressive results. Luckily, there are no rules when it comes to the two-tone nails, play around with whatever colour platter and geometry you like.


  1. Prep your nails with a base coat.
  2. Once they are dry, apply one or two coats of the shade you wish to start with, again let it dry.
  3. Decide on the style of your two-tone manicure. If you wish to achieve an asymmetric look, place nail art strips or a paper tape diagonally over your nail. Do the same with any other two-tone look you like. Alternatively, if you have steady hands, draw a line yourself and fill in the nail with a secondary colour.
  4. Let it dry and finish with a clear topcoat.

Glitter polka dots

Okay, we admit, we can’t resist polka dots. And we definitely have things for glitter. But when you merge the two, you actually get a really cute manicure social media is loving at the moment, so why not try it yourself.


  1. Similar to a single dot manicure, start by prepping your nails with a base coat.
  2. Follow by applying two coats of nail polish that will be your main colour, let it dry.
    Again, take a bobby pin or a pen, and dip into your glitter colour, this time applying as many dots as you like.
  3. Let it dry and apply a coat of clear nail polish. Done!


Editor’s note: Feature image via @thisislaurendavis.