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What are summer swimmwear trends?
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People often think there’s nothing new or inventing in a world of a swim and beach wear, yet designers and brands dedicated to this aspect of fashion each year present some fresh idea. Last summer cool and colorful triangle bikinis were a latest hit, but this year they are a bit left in the shadows. 

Instead, under the spotlight finally came swimsuit model that was often ignored one-pieces swimsuits. We assure you these are not simple, boring or unstylish, quite the opposite you can find ones with bandage or lancing detailing, geometric lines and cutouts, zippers or prints. Materials have not change a lot, stretchable nylon and spandex are still the basic starting point from which beachwear companies are getting their job done.

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On the other hand, bikinis can be called a classic that everyone has on their the summer essentials list. The last few years retro glamor finally comes forward through high-waisted, pin-up style swimsuit models. This summer floral theme is very hot, plus it gives a dose of romance, elegance and femininity in the same time. Sounds fabulous, right?




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