Top 12 super chic vegan puffer jackets that don’t look or feel different than down

Animal-free synthetic insulated winter jackets to suit every budget.

Winter weather has arrived and you might be on a hunt for the perfect puffer jacket. An ultimate daytime pick for anything from running errands to walks in the park, you can never go wrong with a comfy winter jacket. Especially a cruelty-free one. 

From oversized and fitted ones to the puffers with removable hoods and belts, investing in one piece you will love and wear for years to come seems like a smart move. 

What is a down-free puffer jacket? 

Well, it’s vegan to start. The vegan jacket doesn’t contain any animal ingredients or by-products, which includes fur, leather and down feathers in particular. 

Simply said, it has featherless insulation, a key feature in winter puffer jackets. Down feathers can be collected in a very cruel way, especially if the live-plucking of geese and ducks is involved. 

Vegan puffers have featherless insulation which makes them cruelty-free.

Although many brands proudly use responsibly sourced down feathers, the reality is it’s very hard to tell where can down come from. Not acceptable for those who choose animal wellbeing over fashion. 

How to wear it? 

It might not be as classic as a double-breasted or wrap coat is, but it is no less iconic and timeless. Not to mention comfy and warm, often way more practical.

Puffer jacket perfectly balances modern and feminine so wrap up cosy and style it with anything from jeans and fitted trousers to knit dresses and vegan bags.

How to find a perfect puffer jacket?

If you are not sure of the style of your vegan puffer jacket, consider a few design factors that might be of greater importance for you and your lifestyle. 

  • Length; short, knee-length or long
  • Water-resistant and windproof fabric
  • Detachable or non-detachable hood
  • Internal and external pockets
  • High or low neckline and collar

Here are the best feel-good styles on the market right now.

100% vegan brand, Rains creates waterproof outerwear with a Scandinavian flare.

Trekker W Coat, £205 

Sustainable and vegan fashion brand Ecoalf creates clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials.

Gedre Woman Jacket, £239.89

Save the Duck uses Plumtech®, synthetic down fibre made from recycled plastic, to create animal-free outerwear.

Irisy Jacket, £215

Jakke came under the spotlight with statement faux fur jackets, but their ethically made faux leather, suede and feathers are equally cool.

Patricia Faux Leather Puffer Jacket Black, £229

Known for their vegan bags, shoes and accessories, Matt & Nat expanded their collection to cruelty-free outerwear which is no less cool.

Kenya Vegan Bomber Jacket, £135

Urban high street brand Manière de Voir makes eye-catching clothing and accessories mostly out of materials that are suitable for vegans too.

Reflective Bungee Ripstop Puffer Jacket, £99.99

Street style favourite, Nanushka isn’t completely vegan, but this sustainable brand offers a lovely selection of luxurious animal-free materials such as pleather, PU vegan leather.

Hide vegan-leather puffer jacket, £485

Urban outerwear brand Embassy of Bricks and Logs focuses on high aesthetic, quality and ethical standards to create their jackets and winter accessories.

Moteuka Jacket, £250

vegan puffer winter featherless jacket

PETA approved vegan, Noize is a popular Canadian cruelty-free brand that specialises in ethically made men and women’s outerwear.

Hannah Jacket, £116

vegan puffer winter featherless jacket

Thought is a go-to location for affordable sustainable mens and womens clothing and accessories made of natural and recycled materials.

Phebe Recycled Polyester Long Puffer Jacket, £150

Another Canadian animal-friendly womenswear brand, Hillary MacMillan is a first-picked destination for contemporary design.

Faux Leather Puffer, £303

The GOTS-certified brand LangerChen wanted to prove that “made in China” can be sustainable, so brand owners founded eco-friendly factory that’s committed to developing and using eco fabrics.

Jacket Tangorin, £295