Top 11 stylish sustainable & ethical fashion brands you need to know about

These brands go above and beyond to make the fashion industry great again.

Over the last years, fast fashion is having the biggest impact on the people, environment and animals than ever, which slowly but surely resulted in brands questing what is the right approach for the future. Some of them have always been aware of the problem, while others (aka fast fashion retailers) quickly came up with more sustainable collections. However, those who truly understand the importance of ethical and eco-friendly fashion follow a few key guidelines.

So what is the core of their business?

  • Organic fabrics, often GOTS Certified
  • Natural dyes & no hazardous chemicals
  • Fairtrade & ethical production (fair wages, reasonable hours, safe environment)
  • High-quality garments
  • Minimising their fashion footprint (reducing waste, water and energy use)
  • Transparency
  • Eco-friendly packaging, usually recyclable

These are the brands that go above and beyond to make the fashion industry great again. Take a look!

Jan’ n June

Photo: FTG via Jan ‘n June

WHY WE LOVE IT: The brand was founded in Hamburg in 2013 with the idea of creating a sustainable and affordable fashion label. All the materials they use are certified, while the packaging is recyclable. Jan ‘n June believes in production transparency, which means all the garments are produced in Poland in a family-owned factory which allows them to have a close relationship with their workers.

PRICE RANGE: from £8 for accessories, clothes from £30


DELIVERY: EU shipping comes quite pricey at around £12

Miss Green

Photo: FTG via Miss Green

WHY WE LOVE IT: This eco and fair fashion label was launched 11 years ago by Maaike Groen in the Netherlands. Miss Green creates timeless basics that will last for years while maintaining sustainable production which means they only use organic fabrics and produce in factories with a GOTS certificate without hazardous chemicals. They are also PETA approved vegan.

PRICE RANGE: from £26

COLLECTION: Women only

DELIVERY: They ship to most of the European countries, UK shipping costs around £4.50


Photo: FTG via Cossac

WHY WE LOVE IT: Designed in London and made in Europe, Cossac was founded by Poland-born Agatka Kozak with transparency, sustainability and social well-being in its core of the business. In order to be completely sustainable and make clothes as green as possible, the label has a minimalistic concept from design and production to the recyclable packaging. Sounds good!

PRICE RANGE: from £19 up to £198

COLLECTION: Women only

DELIVERY: Free worldwide delivery on orders over £200; free UK shipping on orders over £100, standard delivery £3.50


Photo: FTG via Reformation

WHY WE LOVE IT: Being one of the most known sustainable fashion brands, Reformation’s mission is to design feminine and stylish clothes while having in mind the carbon footprint which includes water input, energy input, land use, environment and human toxicity and greenhouse gas emissions. No wonder this is influencers favourite!

PRICE RANGE: from £8 for accessories, clothes from £30

COLLECTION: Women only

DELIVERY: Worldwide delivery available but depends on the country (free US shipping)


Photo: FTG via Thought

WHY WE LOVE IT: Thought is a sustainable everyday fashion brand that uses only organic and natural materials like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. They offer both women’s and men’s collections, including accessories. The brand was founded in Australia in 1995 and became global after its expansion to the UK in 2002.

PRICE RANGE: from £29 (but you can find a good bargain on sale)


DELIVERY: Worldwide delivery; free UK delivery over £60


Photo: FTG via Armedangles

WHY WE LOVE IT: Armedangles is a German brand absolutely committed to supply chain transparency, raw materials and sustainable fashion. Their clothing is ethically produced using renewable resources and recycled materials such as certified organic cotton, virgin wool, recycled plastic and organic linen. But that doesn’t end there! Brand use grass paper for the packaging which causes 75% less CO2 emissions than wood. How amazing is that?

PRICE RANGE: from £18 (for basic essentials)


DELIVERY: They offer worldwide delivery, however, it’s a bit pricey; UK standard delivery costs around £12


Photo: FTG via Everlane

WHY WE LOVE IT: This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the biggest ethical and sustainable fashion labels adorn by fashion bloggers. As they say, the band is not big on trends, instead, they focus on life lasting and high-quality wardrobe-essentials. Their range is quite big, which doesn’t only include clothes but shoes and accessories too. Everything is produced in several fully transparent and ethical factories across the globe including Los Angeles, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and China.

PRICE RANGE: from £14


DELIVERY: Worldwide delivery (free US shipping); standard UK delivery around £12 (free for orders over £80)


Photo: FTG via Sisterhood

WHY WE LOVE IT: While most of the sustainable fashion brands still create quite simple everyday pieces that many women feel are not trendy enough, Sisterhood is the perfect environmentally friendly brand for conscious fashionistas. Their styles are super stylish and made with an eco approach, whether it’s the recycled packaging or fair wages. The brand is also suitable for vegans

PRICE RANGE: from £24

COLLECTION: Women only

DELIVERY: Free worldwide delivery over £150; free standard UK delivery over £100

People Tree

Photo: FTG via People Tree

WHY WE LOVE IT: Being one of the oldest fair trade and sustainable fashion brands, People Tree was founded in 1991 and it’s one of the most known eco brands. Their model of business focuses on environmental responsibility which means they use natural materials, avoiding plastic and toxic substances. For example, all clothes are dyed using low impact dyes, free from harmful azo chemicals which are often used in clothing manufacture. The brand also holds several certifications that prove their production complies with strict environmental and social standards.

PRICE RANGE: from £24

COLLECTION: Women only

DELIVERY: Worldwide delivery; free UK standard delivery over £50


Photo: FTG via Komodo

WHY WE LOVE IT: Komodo is one of the pioneers in a sustainable fashion – this London-based label was founded in 1988 in order to create high quality, easy fitting wardrobe-essentials. All the garments are produced using eco fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, rayon, wool in fair trade factories in Nepal, China, Indonesia and Turkey. Komodo also supports several charities and social project – great job!

PRICE RANGE: from £30


DELIVERY: Worldwide delivery available; free UK delivery over £50 (£3 standard delivery)


Photo: FTG via Mamoq

WHY WE LOVE IT: Last but not least, is a British online marketplace created as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion stores. It that stocks over 80+ brands committed to ethical and eco-conscious style and are very picky when it comes to the brands they are selling. It means they only sell fashion brands which either use organic or recycled materials or are ethical, transparent and environmentally friendly.

PRICE RANGE: accessories starting from £7, clothing from £14


DELIVERY: Worldwide delivery; free UK delivery on all orders over £100