Tie-dye is this season’s biggest trend and this is how to sophistically wear it

Wanted to introduce more colours into your wardrobe? There you have it.

Minimalists look away now – this may not be the trend for you. The matter of fact, anyone who’s isn’t into bright colours and bold prints.

Still, tie-dye has found its way into the summer. It might seem like a one-season thing, but it’s an actual classic that keeps coming back years after years. Literally. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about this trend as we believe in buying only items you’ll get the proper wear off.

How is tie-dye print made?

You probably don’t want to hear the whole history of tie-dye, but it’s interesting how this effect is created. The process of tie-dye usually consists of folding, twisting and tying the garment and binding with string or rubber bands which creates the desired shape, and finally applying the dye.

P.S. You can easily make your own tie-dye shirt with a few simple steps. Great way to save money and have some fun! Find an interesting tutorial here.

Is tie-dye sustainable?

If the garments used in the tie-dye process are made of natural fabrics such as organic cotton and the dyes used are plant-based and not synthetic, the tie-dye process can be eco-friendly. You can get creative by making natural dye using fruit, vegetables and spices, such as onion skins, turmeric, beetroot, red cabbage and blueberries. Easy, sustainable and cost-effective! 

Okay, but how to style such a bold print?

Tie-dye is one of those trends you have to wear with the right attitude. It’s bold and bright, so there’s no other way. See how fashion girls are styling it this season.

If you are not afraid to clash prints and colours, there’s no better way to embrace tie-dye trend than head-to-toe. Match your top to trousers or go with a dress as an easy option. Just add comfy shoes and you are good to go.

If you don’t think you can pull together a total tie-dye look, stick to one statement piece. Pair it with monochrome basics such as flattering bottoms and simple jackets.

Finally, you can actually tone down the trend. You probably saw all kinds of tie dye effects, but the neutral town-down iteration is one of our favourite.

It’s perfect for those intimidated with bright colours, yet still willing to step outside the comfort zone and try something new. Plus, it looks kinda chic, doesn’t it?