This summer’s best natural & cruelty-free suncare for every budget

The days are longer, the sun is stronger – here’s how to protect your skin.

The heatwave has hit different parts of the world and the sun, even if it feels so nice, is not only a skin killer but makes us prone to many other dangerous diseases.

That being said, we always had a hard time picking a non-greasy, organic sunscreen, which is not only safe but also chemical-free. If you are looking for natural, safe and cruelty-free way to protect your skin from the damages of the sun, here are a few to experiment with!

REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 (vegan)

WHY WE LOVE IT: REN’s sunscreen gives the face a much-needed matt look! With SPF 30 and vegan ingredients, it provides UV and blue light protection – its key ingredients are zinc oxide, yellow passion fruit seed extract and rice starch.

Apart from being travel-friendly, it smells great too. Ren is also promoting zero waste with a global activist partner, Surfrider; they are cleaning up beaches and oceans worldwide.

PRICE: £30

Available here.

PAI Hello Sunshine: Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 30 (vegan)

WHY WE LOVE IT: The Pai sunscreen is one to watch! The SPF 30 sun protection checks all the boxes with its mineral & plant formula created to protect and repair skin. It’s non-greasy so you can apply makeup on top of it.

Key ingredients – cotton extract and zinc oxide saves the skin from damage caused by UVB, UVA and visible radiation. The suncreen is COSMOS natural certified.

PRICE: £32

Available here.

JĀSÖN Family Natural Sunscreen SPF45 (vegan)

WHY WE LOVE IT: As the name suggests, the Family Natural Sunscreen is kids-friendly too! SPF 45 protects the skin from sunburn and reduces harmful free radical damage caused by the sun’s ultra-violet rays. It’s enriched with vitamin E, shea butter and antioxidant green tea extract to nurture and moisturise the skin.

Jason products are biodegradable, cruelty-free and without nasty chemicals such as petrolatum, phthalates, parables, artificial colours and sulphates. 

PRICE: £8.99

Available here.


ALBA BOTANICA Sensitive Sunscreen spray SPF 50 (vegetarian)

WHY WE LOVE IT: If you are looking for easy apply sun protection, this is the one! You simply spray on this earth-friendly mist – it’s lightweight, fast-drying and fragrance-free.

It helps to protect against sunburn, skin cancer and premature signs of ageing. Created with a reef-friendly and biodegradable formula, Alba sunscreen is also free of oxybenzone, octinoxate, PABA, nano-sunscreens and vitamin A, it only contains 100% vegetarian ingredients. 

PRICE: £14.89

Available here.

GREEN PEOPLE Scent free sun lotion SPF 30 (vegetarian)

WHY WE LOVE IT: Green People created effective and fragrance-free UVA and UVB protection based on an easy-to-apply formula suitable even for sensitive skin.

It’s moisturising and water repellent yet non-pore-clogging which allows your skin to breathe. Being ethically responsible, they are proud to present this reef-safe sun lotion in fully recyclable, renewable sugar cane packaging, which is also completely carbon-neutral.

PRICE: £17.49

Available here.

WELEDA Edelweiss After Sun Lotion (vegan)

WHY WE LOVE IT: Cool, soothing and quick-to-apply skin relief, Weleda After Sun Lotion provides intensive moisture and helps keep a long-lasting tan.

Light and non-sticky, it’s blended with organic olive oil, aloe vera gel and nettle, to regenerate the skin after UV exposure, adding moisture to support a long-lasting natural tan. A product that cools the body down and smells great, sounds like a win!

PRICE: £17.50

Available here.

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