This is the next manicure everyone is getting after the lockdown, according to the nail artists

We have two words for you: galaxy nails.

If you think it’s time to switch up your summer nails for something more autumnal, you might be interested in this little manicure trend.

It’s actually an ongoing manicure obsession that started months ago but now seems to finally get the attention it deserved – meet galaxy nails.

Galactic manicure -what is it?

Celestial manicure with the galactic effect is quite a unique trend that’s super customizable since your nails artist can create anything from stars, moon and planets (think celestial sphere), both on dark and light backgrounds.

Constellation and space-like looks have been extremely popular, especially paired with gold accents. The marbleized effect is also something that works lovely with this mani, allowing more room for standout colours.

Whether it is a large design or something more subtle, you can really go wrong with galaxy nails, especially since you now have the chance to actually visit your nail artist and treat yourself with a perfect autumnal look.


Editor’s note: Feature image via @nailsbycaroline_