These cute storage boxes are everything you need to organise your jewellery and makeup

We tried two storage boxes by Beautify to finally organise all the accessories in desperate need of rearranging.

Are you one of those who has tonnes of makeup, jewellery, accessories and small bits and bobs all over the house, but has a hard time finding them when needed? Even when you perfectly organise everything, somehow it’s so easy to quickly lose track, especially if you don’t put your jewels and accessories back where you stored then in a first place, right? Don’t worry, we have all been there! 

How to organise your makeup & accessories?

Most of us have a super busy lifestyle, and a good old organisation is what makes a huge difference, it’s not only time but money-saying too. 

The smallest pieces get lost the easiest, which makes it even more important to store and organise them properly. How you are wondering? We have four words for you: jewellery and makeup boxes

How to organise your makeup and accessories
Photo: FTG

Not only they look super cute displayed on your vanity or dressing table, but a great way to neatly tidy up all those small bits and bobs. This way you can easily arrange beauty pieces and jewels and clearly see your collection, which is cost-effective and efficient. How? Well, simply, it’s easy to see what you got, plus you are not tempted to buy more fast fashion accessories or makeup you *need this season*.

We tried two storage boxes by Beautify to finally organise all the pieces laying around the house in desperate need of rearranging.

Small grey velvet jewellery box by Beautify / Photo: FTG

Small but mighty, the grey jewellery box is made of soft velvet with rose gold detailing. It can actually fit quite a lot, having two small compartments, ring pad and removable tray which hides another storage space beneath. This smaller box is perfect to organise your daily jewels, pieces you wear the most. For example, I decided to store my most worn rings, my grandma’s vintage watch, cute hair clips and well as some other pieces I reach out the most lately.

Photo: FTG

Beautify’s grey 2 tier makeup case hold tons of space for, well, pretty much everything. Since I already have my beauty collection organised elsewhere, I decided to use this one to display some more of my accessories. The box has removable dividers which is great if you want to store bigger pieces such as sunglasses or hair accessories. Again, it has a rose gold details, so it makes a perfect match with a smaller jewellery box and it looks beautiful displayed on my dressing table. It’s a win-win!

How to organise you beauty and jewellery collection
Grey 2 tier makeup box by Beautify/ Photo: FTG

Both boxes are reasonably priced and can be a lovely gift too!


Editor’s note: We were kindly sent Beautify jewellery boxes in exchange for an unbiased review. All words, opinions and photos are our own. This post may contain affiliate links. 

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