These are the most beautiful glam makeup looks to recreate ahead of New Year’s celebration

Night at home? A reason more to glam up – not for others, but yourself.

Let me guess, you’ve been wearing simple natural makeup to work from home or no makeup at all since the beginning of the first lockdown. To be fair, we all did. 

Still, the festive season and end-of-year celebration finally feel like the right time to get your glam back and wave goodbye to 2020 in style. Even if you are just staying in.

What exactly is glam makeup?  

Think about celebrity makeup on the red carpet – what do you see? Flawless skin? Winged liner or beautiful smokey eyes? Precisely applied lipstick? Rosy cheeks and contoured face? Long, voluminous lashes? Perfectly shaped brows? Well, that pretty much sums up glam makeup. 

Still, glam makeup can go in many ways. Whether the classic Old Hollywood glamour, soft glam or dramatic smokey eye, one thing is for sure; glam makeup will brighten your face and give you an instant glow. 

In fact, it’s the kind of makeup that changes not only your face but your attitude too

All the ways your makeup can be glam

Bold eyes

If you want to experiment with different eyeshadows, what’s a better way than doing dramatic eye makeup. 

Whether you choose intense, sexy smokey eyes, or decide to play with colours for an eye-catching bold look, a mix of nude mattes and vibrant metallics with shimmery finish never fails.

Red lips

Who doesn’t like red lipstick? Just one swipe and it instantly adds a touch of drama to your look. Bold red lips are guaranteed-to-love for anyone who likes hassle-free makeup that’s simple, yet super effective.

Soft glam

Achieving a glamorous look doesn’t need to be a nuisance and a soft glam is a great place to start.

Day or evening, this is effortless and natural-looking makeup; stick to the essential neutrals such as gold, light pink, peachy and brown tones to get that flawless soft look.

Strong eyes, strong lips

Alternatively, go all in and bring the colour and glamour together in full-face makeup.

You don’t have to be a beauty maximalist to experiment with makeup; the opposite – if you don’t want to go by the rules, strong eyes, strong lips is a statement makeup that can be tricky if overdone, but equally striking if created tastefully. 

How to get the perfect glam makeup?

Well, it depends on a look you are going for, but some steps are basic. Follow these and there won’t be room for mistakes. 

  1. Prep your face – every good makeup starts with a regular skincare routine. Cleanse, moisturise and prime your skin to ensure your makeup stays longer. 
  2. Next, apply foundation followed by concealer – you need to build up your base so apply foundation in circular motions with either a brush, blender sponge or your fingers and cover any imperfections. Use a concealer under the eyes to brighten them up. 
  3. Add contouring –  a good contour helps to sculpt and redefine your face. Apply it to the hollows of the cheeks, along the hairline, sides and tip of your nose.
  4. Define brows – feeling the brows is key to highlighting your eyes and giving the face even more shape. The goal are thick, full brows without looking unnatural or too done. 
  5. Next, move to your eyes – if you decided to go soft on the eye pick and eyeshadow palette with neutral mattes and glamorous shimmers. In case you go bold, play with contrasting colours and glitter. Don’t forget to finish off the eyes with two coats of mascara. 
  6. Prep the lips – even if you are going with bold eyes-soft lips look, you still need to prep the lips so they look healthy and plump
  7. Add highlighter and blush – even if you go with a full glam look, you want to have a natural-looking blush on your checks, complemented with a cream or liquid highlighter. Apply the blush onto the apples of the cheeks and glow up your face with highlighter placed above your cheekbones and cupid’s bow, on the inner corners of eyes and down the bridge of your nose. 
  8. Seal it – when wearing heavy makeup the key is to seal the deal. Apply a couple of spritzes of setting spray to your face.

Voila! There you have it – a glamorous makeup look!

Editor’s note: Feature image via Gabb Tapic.