These 8 cool 90’s trends made a comeback in 2019 and they are here to stay

Okay, these trends are seriously cool again.

Be it the glorious 90s or the experimental 2000s, some fashion trends keep coming back in one form or the other. It feels that we don’t really enjoy being separated from them for long anyway. These are casual and smart styles that can flatter anyone’s wardrobe without breaking their bank.

Let’s take a look at the trends that made a huge comeback in 2019 and are all the rage right now.


Photo: @gigihadid

They look extremely feminine, exquisite and can be used with your formal and casual attire comfortably. The key is to wear your choker with not too busy designs or heavy patterns.

Flannel shirts

They are your ultimate street style look. Go with your favourite pair of jeans or regular tights. Definitely add that sass to your personality.

Photo: @stilettos_and_sailboat

Hair clips

They are not for toddlers and teenage girls anymore, everyone seems to have fallen in love with hair clips all over again. Bring it your inner Disney feels and don’t regret purchasing a part or two. Needless to say, they look really cute and give a touch of frivolous charm to your attire.

Go for a classic look…

Photo: @chrystelleaudette

…or a statement that will stand out from the crowd. 

Photo: @sophiadorena

Biker jackets

Everyone has to have one biker jacket just like the little black dress. It’s such a staple piece of clothing. It hardly goes wrong and comes in handy in many seasons. The perfect travel accessory. Can go well with your business and casual look.

Photo: @iamcharlotteolivia

Big loose shirts

They are super comfortable, chic and understated. Just put on a big loose shirt when you head out to run some errands, attend a countryside picnic or do some groceries. They instantly make you look chic and debonair without even trying too hard.

Photo: @nastyanastya

Bob hairstyle

This particular trend doesn’t really fade away completely. It keeps resurfacing after every few years and it mostly depends on how you carry it. They symbolise a unique sense of freedom and buoyancy at the same time.

Bob with a volume…

Photo: @justineschlue

…or a fringe

Photo: @cajmel


Talking about hair, it’s hard not to mention another huge 90’s inspired accessories – scrunchies. These elastic fabric hairbands are such a fun and inexpensive way to jazz up your ponytail so you should definitely give this throwback trend a go!

Photo: @sincerelyjules

Mini logo bags

Monogram bags were the epitome of the 90’s fashion, and once again, they are going strong 20+ years later. However, what makes them special this time is the fact that celebs and Insta stars are reaching out to the exact same models we once worn – vintage Fendi, Dior and Louis Vuitton bags among many are making the trend not only chic but more sustainable too!

Fendi Baguette has been one of the most desirable bags of the season…

Photo: @dorytrendy

….so did Dior Saddle bag.

Photo: @entre_dois

Editor’s note: Feature image via Tim da-Rin for Flaunter