The unexpected manicure trend everyone is loving right now

Here’s a clue: pastel rainbow nails.

Pastels, the most desirable (and cutest!) candy hues you have a crush on every season, whether your outfit or your mani. Think anything from lilac purple and lavender, to pale blue, baby pink and minty green. But which one is just the right for your polish? Rainbow pastel nails might be the answer!

According to social media, the best manicures this season don’t come in monochrome colours, quite the opposite. Even though the pastels are quite muted, you can still have fun with these iconic spring colours by adding, well, all of them into your manicure.

Rainbow-hued manicure? Yes, please!

There is something so fashionable and charming about pastel nails, not to mention they can add a pop of colour without being too much. However, if it’s up to Instagram nail artists, you should make a statement with these by playing around with several different pastel shades.

Avoid tones that are too similar and go for a random mix – don’t worry, you can still keep the nail design sophisticated and chic by doing a subtle gradient. It may be the simplest nail art, but it’s the sweetest!

Photo: @indexstudionz
Photo: @frenchiesnailsdurhamwest
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Photo: @hmb_mobilebeauty

Make it fun!

The fun doesn’t stop there though! If you might feel like your rainbow pastel nails deserve to be a bit more bold and striking, try introducing a few extra elements to your mani. To spice things up, think about adding glitter, geometric shapes or make a twist with a classic French manicure. There are no rules here – after all, this is the most playful season of all when it comes to your appearance, so you better make it fun fun fun.

Seems like you should try pastel nails at your next mani appointment, don’t you think?

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Editor’s note: Feature image via @hmb_mobilebeauty