The 2015 IN & OUT list

What’s HOT and what’s NOT in 2015? You have to see this style list.

New year represent a fresh start in many ways. Some things, including fashion trends, have to be ditched and some, well, they should stay around. 

What’s IN in 2015? Some trends are around so long that has become a sort of a classic. That is the way the whole fashion industry loves and reinterprets them. Here are the top 5 trends that will be IN even in the following year.
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  1. Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson proved us that WOMAN SUIT can be super sexy. It’s all in the attitude, so you really don’t need a mini skirt and high heels to show off your sex appeal. Even the most famous designer names like Christian Dior and Saint Laurent embraced suits in their collections for this winter. 
  2. Costly or just luxurious-looking CRYSTAL AND STONE JEWELRY become very trendy this season. Minimalistic accessories somehow fall into oblivion, so lavish and extravagant pieces come to the throne of the jewellery world. 
  3. CLASSIC CAMEL COAT is something that our moms and grandmothers have worn and something that even we can wear this season. What does that tell you? A camel coat is a timeless piece, and you can wear it for years. That’s sound like a great investment!
  4. There is no better trend in a beauty world then a NATURAL MAKE UP. There is nothing wrong with red lips, smokey eyes and false eyelashes, but fresh and natural should be your everyday choice in 2015. Bare makeup trend was shown on the catwalk from Alexander Wang to Emilio Pucci, but it seems more and more celebs are accepting it. It’s all about concealing your flaws and showing your true beauty.
  5. A piece like BASIC PUMPS in black or nude is a must have. These heels are that pair that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Invest in a comfortable pair which you can wear for different occasions. You won’t regret it!

What’s OUT in 2015? There are a couple of trends that you simply need to ditch this year. They have been long around that most of us had the opportunity to try them – we loved them, we wore them, but there should be no room for them anymore in your closet.
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  1. The first trend on our OUT list is the CROP TOPS. There is no celebrity, blogger or any other fashion lover that hasn’t worn a crop top last season, at least once. We have to admit, it looked really chic, young and vibrant. The crop top was a trendy piece for several seasons, which is longer than usual seasonal trends (which usually don’t last more than 12 months), so this year you should avoid it. It’s very ‘seen’ and predictable because it was always worn with an A-line skirt or line pants.
  2. BAGS WITH WORDS AND PHRASES were super funny and cool last season. You could easily make a statement with designer clutches like Charlotte Olympia or more affordable versions from street style stores like Zara. The phrases are usually catchy or provocative, which is great if you want you all to noticed. But the suggest some other way, like a big smile.
  3. Brian Lichtenberg made it to the stars with his DESIGNER PARODY SHIRTS. Feline, Homies, Ballin and other amusing logos became a huge hit among the celebs like Chiara, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Cara Delevingne. We all thought these shirts are cool and hilarious, but this year you should definitely ditch them. 
  4. Flashy and eye-catching MIRRORED SUNGLASSES were a huge eye trend this summer. Fashion bloggers made green, gold, red, silver mirrored sunnies a must have. Now when everybody has them all, you don’t want to look like every other passerby, right? Replace them with a more classic model that won’t go out of style for years. 
  5. ADIDAS STAN SMITH SNEAKERS. Legendary American tennis player Stanley Roger ‘Stan’ Smith made Adidas a popular shoe brand among fashionistas. Suddenly wearing sneakers become a very stylish thing, especially that Stan Smiths white pair with coloured details. Yes, they are comfy, yes, they are wearable, but they are a bit boring. 

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