Super chic and cool ways to wear Converse: 12 looks you will love

World’s most popular trainers simply don’t go out of style.

Since gaining massive popularity and iconic status in the ’90s, there was no looking back for classic chucks. Celebs wore them on the red carpet; they were on film and television; people simply grew up wearing them.

If you never owned or worn them, now is the time.

You might associate them with grunge style and rock ‘n’ roll, and think your childhood days are over, but… Many super chic fashion girls showered how to wear your favourite chucks in a grown-up, smart way. If you haven’t worn them in years (or at all), now is the time.

How to style Converse?

Simple, wearable, affordable – Converse All Stars have a status as an everyday icon. They are casual enough for your laid-back comfy outfit, yet cool enough to make the outfit stylish. Even sophisticated.

Versatility is the key though – you can wear them with many wardrobe essentials. You might want to style them with the latest trends you love, but remember, these are such a classic.

Less is more (and it always works!). Since Chuck Tailors have a very distinctive look, find the balance between your favourite timeless pieces that will make you both comfortable and confident.

The boy-meets-girl aesthetic is something that’s been extremely popular when styling this kind of footwear. Masculine tailoring paired with classic denim, comfy basics and minimal jewellery.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be playful with your style, especially colours and prints. You can inject some of it in a form of details, such as bags or accessories – a scarf for example.

Most importantly, have fun wearing them. Personal style is not about following rules but breaking them. If there is one par of trainers that is synonymous with free spirit and rebellion, it must be Converse. So embrace it.


Editor’s note: Feature image via Emma Hill