Stella McCartney x War Child

Stella McCartney designed a limited edition t-shirts for War Child.
Stella McCartney  x War child by
Photo credit: Style bistro + FTG

British designer Stella McCartney teamed up with War Child UK association to support vulnerable children in conflict zones though Draw Me to Safety initiative. She designed woman and children with limited edition t-shirts which are inspired by artwork from children in conflict-affected countries. 

This is an important project with a purpose of raising awareness and providing support to children living in conflict zones around the world. British fashion designer wants to encourage and motivate people from all around the world, from any background to do something that we all can  – we can help. It is important to bring awareness to the fact that there are so many children affected by war and violence around the world and that there are children who need to be protected, who need stability, security and love.
Photo credit: Stella McCartney

The money raised goes to an extraordinary cause, it will be donated to the Association of War Child UK, which works with refugee camps around the world and develops programs for children that encourage them to feel that they can express themselves and that they’re safe. Price of women’s t-shirts is 75 €, and children 35 €. 


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