Sport-inspired top glam looks

Sport style is a new word for glam!


Sport glam outfits you will rock this spring by FTG
Photo credit: The Street Muse

The trend of worshipping the sport style has never been so popular – seriously, we have been wearing sneakers as a part of a super chic outfit for a while now! Luckily, the fashion industry took this trend to the whole next level making the sport-inspired style even more desirable.

Now it’s all about making chic and glamorous work just perfectly in the same sentence as recreation and activity.

How everything works together?

Mix your leather jacket or a blazer with a hoodie, try pairing tracksuit pants with a cute blouse. It can really make a statement!

Or you can simply check out some fabulous street style look which can easily inspire your spring wardrobe!

Photo credit: Fashion Wire Press

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