Skincare-makeup hybrids: top beauty multitasking products that merge the best of two worlds

Why do skincare when you can have makeup too? Here are the best cruelty-free beauty hybrids.

Healthy, glowing skin might be high on the priority list this year. To be fair, it’s something that most women strive for but with busy schedules, many are not keen or don’t have the luxury of 10-step skincare (or makeup!) routine.

So if you are a true multitasker in your life, you might want to consider the sale for your beauty drawer. Okay, what are we talking about? Multitasking beauty products, of course.

What are skincare-makeup hybrids?

Part skincare – part makeup, hybrid beauty products combine the elements of both whiles blurring the lines between skincare and makeup. This way these multi-purpose products provide the best of both worlds. Having multiple functions means they are equally effective but less pricey since you buy fewer products. And even more practical

Hybrid beauty blurs the line between skincare and makeup.

If you prefer to minimise the products used in your skincare and makeup routines but want to get the same results, beauty multitaskers are the way to go. 

It’s usually the skincare that gets the best of makeup. Infused with a bit of pigment or shine, multi-functional skincare products have benefits of the makeup, such as tinted moisturiser, coloured lip balms or shimmer body lotion. 

Here are the best cruelty-free multi-tasking beauty buys to keep on your bathroom shelf.

Bybi Babe Balm Bronze

WHAT: A vegan highlighting balm that combines moisturiser with a subtle, natural pigment.


PRICE: £12

Becca Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation

WHAT: Becca’s foundation without colour has a hybrid formula that helps to smooth and blur imperfections, leaving the skin with a transparent matte finish.


PRICE: £28

Ciaté London Fruit Burst Lip Oil

WHAT: Ciaté London’s non-sticky lip oil combines the shine of a gloss with the hydration of a balm; available in 3 colours.


PRICE: £14 each


Madara Fake It Healthy Glow Self Tan Serum for Face

WHAT: This natural certified and 100% vegan self-tanner is created exclusively for the face. It smoothes and softens the skin while giving it a subtle sun-kissed glow. 


PRICE: £29.95

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin SPF20

WHAT: This oil and fragrance-free vegan moisturiser comes with a super-natural tinted finish, plus SPF20


PRICE: £28

Farsáli Skintune Blur

WHAT: Farsáli is a hybrid beauty brand that combines clean skincare with makeup elements. That includes their Skintune Blur, a multi-functional serum which works as a makeup primer too.


PRICE: £20

Sugar Rush Shimmertime Body Oil

WHAT: This vegan and gluten-free dry body oil helps moisturise skin just as regular lotion but leaves a gold glimmer too. 


PRICE: £19

Tropic Skincare Lip Fudge

WHAT: This creamy vegan lip balm is created to nourish and hydrate your lips with a touch of soft colour; available in 3 shades. 


PRICE: £12

PHB Bare Skin BB Cream +SPF15

WHAT: Nor a moisturiser nor a foundation, this is natural BB cream blurs the lines between makeup and skincare. It nourishes and protects the skin, whilst giving a natural-looking coverage. 


PRICE: £20

vegan cruelty free skincare makeup hybrids hybrid beauty products Glossier Futuredew

Glossier Futuredew

WHAT: Glossier’s Futerdrew is a serum oil hybrid that hydrates and nourishes the skin while giving it a dewy glow.


PRICE: £23

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

WHAT: 100% natural and formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS, Burt’s Bees lip balm comes with a sheer pop of colour perfect for daily wear; available in 6 shades.

VEGAN & CRUELTY -FREE: It’s cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians.

PRICE: £5.99