Scandinavian interior design: gray sofa

The most common piece of Scandinavian home design.
Photo credit: Stadshem

Scandinavian style home décor has experienced a real turning point recent years- from interior design typical only for Denmark, Norway and Sweden it has now become a global hit. It appears that people around the world are fond of Scandinavian lifestyle that reflects into the interior design. This dome décor style is based on simplicity and functionality which are made of high-quality design with a focus on the monochromatic colour palette.

There is rarely any colour in the Scandinavian interior design. Black and white make the perfect match in every living space, whether it is the living room, kitchen or bedroom and bathroom. White is the most common base for walls and larger pieces of furniture, while the black has a role of accent that creates a balance.
Photo credit: H&M home

The colours that give a little liveliness in the space are usually light pink and blue or peach. But what is interesting in Scandinavian interior design are the sofas. Almost every living room sofa in this home décor is part of a grey colour palette and it seems it has the role of a neutral colour between black and white. Of course, black or white couches are also often a choice, but not as much as this one.

Scandinavians put comfort in the first place which can be seen by choice of sofa. Gray sofas are usually made of durable materials,l but still very comfy. Decorative pillows are perhaps the most important part of the sofas and home décor because they give the owners that space to express personal style.
Photo credit: Stadshem

Another important element of Scandinavian interior design which has a strong connection with sofas are the coffee and side tables as well as the lamps. Simple lines, practical and functional – it seems like a recipe for coffee tables around the sofa. The same rule applies to the lamps.
Photo credit: Stadshem