Say it right: statement tops

Jackets and tops with the right message.

Many of this year’s must-have trends take us back in some past time, especially the past century. The one that we will be talking about today, has experienced the pinnacle of glory in the ’90s when the boundaries of fashion were moved and everyone could express their emotions with clothing.
Photo credit: The street muse

One of the piece of clothing that was simply ideal for saying your opinion, showing what you like and what do you think was the phrase jackets and tops. Well, these unusual jackets and tops with cool messages, printed designer logos or some powerful image on the back have become very popular this season. Once again. You could see all types of jackets on the streets of fashion capitals, especially during the fashion week.
Photo credit: We the people

But what has changed since the ’90s? Simply, the idea of wearing a statement jacket or top. People these days are usually not wearing them to express their political, social, musical, even fashion expression. Now, these jackets are worn to show who are we wearing and how much we paid for it. They are worn because they are trendy and popular among fashion insiders. 

Wearing Moschino is simply cool, but we maybe don’t even like it. Although, of course, there are always those who use fashion to express themselves and that is something we should all respect. Luckily, there will always be individuals.
Photo credit: Street Peeper

However, fashion exists so that we could enjoy it. Don’t take it too seriously, but don’t fall into the trap of trends or the frames that tell you what’s beautiful and what’s not



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