Save or splurge: seashell jewellery

Bring a sun-drenched vacation to your every day with these jewels.

Inspired by the beautiful tropical nature and oceans, the latest summer accessories trend is a real show stopper everyone’s been talking about.

According to the social media influencers, seashell jewellery perfectly captures that bohemian glamour you can wear from beach to the city. Plus, it looks so chic with pretty much anything. But, is it worth investing?

Photo: Topshop, Wald + FTG

Sustainable or fast fashion?

Just as faux pearls, fast fashion brands sell lots of affordable artificial shell-inspired jewellery made of plastic which is, well, obviously more ethical, but not more eco-friendly. (If you are lucky enough, you might find metal jewellery as a greener option).

However, real seashells can still be sustainable and ethically-sourced. First, they can be found on the beach abandoned by their inhabitants. This is a natural process which means there probably isn’t enough real shells to supply the whole industry.

Secondly, shells can be purchased uncleaned. What does that mean? These are “shells found typically along the bottom of the ocean or along reef shelves that have a noticeable amount of calcium and other mineral deposits on them. Buying shells this way ensures that an animal did not have to die for your shell” (source).

Thirdly and most likely, environmentally friendly brands use shells from sustainable farms.

Again, the choice is yours. To be fair, slow-fashion brands usually don’t have the money to advertise their products, which leads to fewer sales. That doesn’t always mean customers don’t want to buy eco-friendly or ethical. Simply, many still have a hard time finding these brands among strong retailers. However, when you know about them, it’s definitely worth giving it a go.

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