Save or splurge: platform shoes

Which one would you choose?

Stella McCartney ‘Elyse’ lace-up platforms can now be called an iconic shoe. Launched in early 2014 as a part of the Fall-Winter 2014 collection, the British designer soared to the stars with this street style IT piece.

The platform oxfords seem to be the perfect shoe for any fashionistas wardrobe, considering that both celebrities and fashion insiders have already worn them last season. Since then, several versions of the ‘Elyse’ shoe was launched, however, the black model is still at the top of the list as the most desirable.

A love is blind
Photo credit: A love is blind

They have become a real street style must-have so high street brands including Jeffrey Campbell, Mango and Zara already create their own cost-effective choices. Many will agree that Mango’s interpretation makes a very good option and the price is much better compared to the original, right?


Save or splurge platform shoes by FTG
Photo credit: FTG


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