Save or splurge: dark red lipstick

We found a cheaper replacement for Louboutin’s lipstick.
Save or splurge: dark lipstick at
Photo credit: Claudia Fessler

Since he launched a new line of lip makeup products a few months ago, Christian Louboutin provoked a strong public interest, especially in the beauty world. No wonder, because his lipstick really differs from all the others on the market, particularly with its design and overall packaging.

However, this exclusive product comes with an exclusive price, which means Louboutin managed to surpass all the competition – his lipstick costs $90, while, for example, Dolce & Gabbana’s costs around $ 37 as well as Chanel’s and YSL’s. Luckily, there’s a similar more affordable version by Kat Von D – her lipstick comes with a studded case and a wide range of colours. 

We found Christian Louboutin‘s lipstick in Sephora for not-so-cheap $90, while Kat Von Ds lipstick has a very similar design and colour for $21. Not bad, right?

Save or splurge: dark lipstick at
Photo credit: FTG


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