Save or splurge: Chloé Drew bag

Most wanted bag of the season has some cheaper versions too.
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There isn’t probably one person in the fashion, blogging or trendsetter world that doesn’t know that the title of the absolute must-have bag of the season belongs to the small, round leather shoulder bag with a gold hardware. Finely engraved Chloé on the buckle reveals that this is actually a very luxurious piece designed by eponymous Parisian fashion house which released this distinctive model of handbag following their spring collection inspired by the 70’s.

The bag has a fancy name as well -“Drew” is all about elegance and boho vibe which was revealed in a following brand’s spring campaign. It seems that Chloé’s head designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld caused a craze among fashionistas, fashion insiders and trendy girls around the globe in unimaginable proportions.
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The Drew bag has become so popular that all kinds of replicas simply sprang up around like mushrooms after a rain. Even some well-known high street brands decided to have their own version of Chloé bag on their shelves. Among them is an American chain of fashion retailers, Forever 21 – their model is definitely the “save” version of Drew bag.

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