Save or splurge: beaded bag

You are looking at the top spring accessory, but the right question is – original or affordable dupe?

Last summer every influencer has been spotted carrying a cute beaded bag, which became an instant hit in a second. However, it seemed this trend-driven piece won’t last a season until some other accessory takes the title of a new favourite. Well, we had this all wrong.

Both designer and fashion retailers brought the trend back and the Insta stars are loving it. One thing is for sure – beaded bags are not going anywhere.

Hannah Weiland, the founder of British brand Shrimps, presented the boxy silhouette faux pearls bag as part of the brand’s AW16 collection. However, it took a season for the bag to become recognised by celebs (e.g. Alexa Chung) and social media influences. Since then, all of the styles, including the Antonia and Venezia bags, are being constantly sold out which was a clear sign for other retailers to follow the lead. 

Photo credit: Skinny Dip, Shrimps/FTG

It didn’t take too long for brands such as Skinny Dip to create their own affordable version, which frankly, suits more pockets. Their Penelope bag is made of beaded pearls too and comes in a similar colour. 

It is considerably cheaper? Absolutely. Chicer? Not so sure about it.

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