Pastel rainbow eye makeup is everything you need RN to brighten up your face and day

Oh yes, you can still glam up even if you’re not leaving your house while self isolating.

We all need a little bit of brightening up these days, especially being at home *all day long*. When we say brighten, we mean it quite literally with injecting some colours into your makeup, or precisely a few colours.

Lately, many makeup artists and beauty bloggers started shifting from dark winter looks to light and bright spring makeup, pastels in particular. Just like pastel rainbow nails, similar style eye makeup has become viral on social media, especially after celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker created a stunning pastel look for actress Lucy Boynton, and to be fair, we can’t blame it.

What exactly is pastel rainbow eye makeup?

The pastel rainbow look is a softer and toned-down version of the classic rainbow makeup, using minty greens, pale yellow, baby blue, pink and light purple as a base palette. Unlike the rich, vibrant hues of a rainbow makeup, pastels are more natural, therefore not-so-bold and more suitable choice for everyday wear.

Pastels are ideal for soft, daytime looks, buy why not make them interesting.

There is no right or wrong with this look – you can choose your own colour combination and stack as many hues as you want in the vibe you want. Even if it looks too much, you can easily soften the edges by blending them out.

Now once we got you convinced, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Not literally, please wash your hands. Plus, if not now, when is the best time to experiment with the makeup you usually wouldn’t consider?

How to do it?

Although it seems like a makeup only professionals and beauty enthusiasts can do, this pastel rainbow look is actually not that hard to achieve. Here are the steps:

  1. Start with hydrating your skin with serum, moisturiser and facial oil (if in need of extra hydration). Proper skincare routine goes a long way when it comes to makeup.
  2. Continue with eye shadow primer applied with either your fingers or small brush on your lid, from the brow bone to the lashline.
  3. Choose a light neutral colour as your base and slowly build up the crease by using a smaller blending brush or pointed crease brushcontinue with a short shader brush and apply the same shade under the lash line.
  4. Next, place the main (bright) colour of your choice to the centre of the lid, whether it’s blue, pink, minty green or purple. Depending on the shadow, you can apply it either with your finger or a flat shader brush. Use the same colour in the lower lashline applied with the angled line or pencil brush.
  5. Place the next shade on the outer corner of your lidblend it in with the existing main colour as well as the crease with a blending brush. For a more dramatic look, place another pastel shade in between the two coloursAgainuse the same colour under the lash line smudging with the rest.
  6. Fill in the inner corner of your eyes with a lighter shade such as light yellow to open up the eyesUse a small brush.
  7. Finish off with mascara and setting spray. 

And voilà, here’s your perfect spring makeup! 

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Editor’s note: Feature image via Jo Baker Instagram/FTG.