Party at home: super cool activities and ideas to do even with the smallest group

Social distancing shouldn’t stop you from being social; this is how to throw the perfect gathering for your family or flatmates.

Maybe you are celebrating a special occasion, maybe you see quarantine as a great family/friends bonding opportunity. You might not have the chance to set up the usual party or gathering, but don’t let that get in the way of a fun day. 

If you are running low on entertainment ideas, here are some that will undoubtedly make your indoor get-together a success:

Decorate your home

Just because you are doing a casual get, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some fun dressing up your home.

You don’t need to go all the way with party decorations as you would for a regular party (okay, you have a pass if organising a baby shower, birthday or engagement party), but think of this isolation as a perfect time to (re) decorate your room or house.

Creative and inspiring spaces are always a good conversation starter.

Even the smallest changes make a big difference and boost the mood of your flatmates or family.

Cook or bake together

Cooking or baking might be an unconventional party activity, but when stuck at home you need to get creative. Don’t look at your kitchen just as a place to prepare food. Instead, set some goals and make it fun. 

tofu cookbook

Tofu Cookbook

i can cook vegan book

I Can Cook Vegan

Maybe you can create a challenge between two groups to see who can cook better the same dish, or organise your own MasterChef show so everyone takes part (and the non-cooks can get a judge role).

Finally, serve your home-cooked dish in nicer tableware to make it more special.

Backyard cocktails 

It’s time for your long-awaited and well-deserved cocktail happy hour. Instead of heading to the park for a picnic even on the sunniest day (we know, okay!) gather the crowd in your garden or balcony for a few nice drinks. Get those fancy glasses and your cocktail kit out of the bar cabinet and have some fun making your own cocktails. 

Channel your inner mixologist and impress the guests with your skills, whether you stick to the classics or make your own cocktail creations from scratch. Don’t worry, your effort will be appreciated.

Also, this is a great opportunity to be conscious with your bar accessories; eliminate disposable plastic straws for example and go for eco-friendly ones you can reuse over and over again such as stainless steel straws. Save the planet with a drink in your hand!

Organise a games night

Long before the Internet and smartphones, card and board games were a seriously popular indoor activity at the grownups get-togethers. Now you can thank self-isolation for making them a thing again.

Play, laugh, repeat.

Why? Well, besides making people feel good and have fun, tabletop games will keep your group amused for hours. In fact, they make people closer by encouraging the conversation and cooperation, plus they are great stress and anxiety reliever.

So sit down with your friends, flatmates or family and get to work. Soon you’ll all be laughing out loud.

Or a movie night

There is something fun in watching (and commenting!) a good film in the crowd. How to create the perfect cinema experience at home?

  • Set up a cosy sitting area
  • Get the snacks ready (popcorn maker makes a huge difference)
  • Use extra speakers to set up the perfect sound system 
  • Dim the lights
  • Sit back and relax  

Remember the jigsaw puzzle?

Oh no, we don’t mean the ugly ones we used to have as kids. Modern-day adult puzzles are anything but old-fashion, often designed by talented artists and illustrators. So pretty and inspiring you can frame it!

Doing puzzle is as entertaining as relaxing.

The perfect way to keep the crowd entertained in the quarantine, jigsaw puzzles are an all-family activity that’s exciting and quite satisfying, to be honest. Rewarding to see how your art comes together piece by piece, it provides hours of fun for your guests. Why not give it a try?

P.S. We love the ones made of recycled paper and board, another way to be more conscious about your get-together.

Chinese Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle

Chinese Takeaway

Love Lives Here - 1000 Piece Puzzle

Love Lives Here

Cool Cats A-Z 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Cool Cats A-Z

Talking Tables Pick Me Up Yoga Jigsaw Puzzle

Talking Tables


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