Packing for a summer vacay? You shouldn’t leave without this cool sand-free beach towel!

When fun prints and bold colours meet multifunctionality – Tesalate knows how the ultimate beach towel looks like.

Sunglasses? Check. Sunscreen? Check. That brand new summer dress and sandals you just bought on sale? Check. Your travel packing list finally seems to be completed, but it feels like something is missing, isn’t it?

Oh yes, it must be that beach towel you can barely fit in your carry on. Well, this may change now. How, you wonder? Listen until you hear about this cool travel-friendly towel. 

Tesalate The Swell beach towel / Photo: @ftgmagazine

Fast-drying & sand-free towel – yes, please!

Beach towel might not be the first thing that crosses your mind when thinking about the perfect summer vacation, yet it’s essential you use pretty much every day, especially if you are devoted beach or pool-goer.

Finding a nice towel seems like an easy task, considering all the high street and online options, still, finding the one that serves the purpose and doesn’t give you a headache (think all that sand you can’t shake off easily and how heavy it gets when wet) without compromising the style, then it’s not an easy job anymore.

Photo: @ftgmagazine

Luckily, this Australian brand came up with vibrant and playful beach towels made of lightweight sand-free fabric. Wait, what? Yes, you heard it right, Tesalate designs absorbent quick-dry towels made of AbsorbLite™ cloth that not only dries fast (meaning it won’t collect damp smells) but shakes sand right off.

The microfibre towel has the size of a regular beach towel while being more compact when rolled and convenient for travel. It can easily fit in your luggage or beach bag and comes with a separate storage pouch. Another feature that might seem insignificant, but we found it handy was a small hanging hook which beach towels usually don’t have – very useful for quick dry.

Each Tesalate towel is double-sided / Photo: @ftgmagazine

But what really makes Tesalate towel stand out from the crowd is its multifunctionality. Not only you can use it as a beach towel, but it perfectly serves as a yoga mat or gym and sports towel too.

On the other side, this towel is made of microfibre material so it won’t feel as fluffy as your regular cotton beach towel. Also, being so lightweight and sandless it means the material is slightly thinner, which some may not find as comfortable considering the £49 price mark.

Each towel comes with its own pouch / Photo: @ftgmagazine

Why we love it?

  • Compact size – simply roll it up and store in a little pouch that comes with it so you can take anywhere. 
  • Super absorbent  – it dries really quickly. 
  • Multifunctional – it will serve you all year long, not only for a vacation which makes if great eco-friendly buy. 
  • Vibrant design – last but now least, it’s worth mentioning fashionable reversible design each towel has.

What would we change?

  • Thickness – we can certainly justify the price if the material is a bit plusher for extra comfort.

The towel is wrapped in a tissue which is a nice touch / Photo: @ftgmagazine

Editor’s note: We were kindly sent Tesalate Swell towel in exchange for an unbiased review. All words, opinions and photos are our own.