Must-have necklace: Diana Broussard

Fashionistas are crazy about this necklace.
Jewels that rock
Photo credit: Jewels that rock

New York-based designer Diana Broussard has created a new must-have in a jewellery world! The Nate necklace has become a new modern it piece among the fashionistas, worn even by a go-to-girl Miroslava Duma. This statement necklace seems to be a good investment for all those who love chic and urban, yet simple pieces of jewellery which you can wear from day-to-night.

The Nate necklace is made of plexiglass and gold or silver plated fastenings, it’s handcrafted by Italian artisans. The prices for this necklace come around 200-300€.  


Photo credit: Fafetch





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