Move over Stan Smith’s – these are the most popular eco trainers RN

Are these the next go-to spring shoes?

You may want to put away your favourite Stan Smith trainers as this brand is taking over! Demand for fashionable, comfy yet conscious footwear is getting higher and higherconsidering the impact fast fashion has on the planet and people. 

Luckilyfashion is always moving forward and so are the customers who are happy to give a go-to sustainable and nature-friendly brands. And this one has gone viral. From Duchess of Sussex to celebs and Insta influencers, pretty much everyone has gone crazy for these stylish kicks. It seems we are looking at the ultimate spring shoes here. 

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry


Who is Veja?

Founded in 2005, Veja is an ethical French brand focused on creating eco-friendly trainers with a positive impact. The brand refuses to choose between design and social responsibility, which means they take time to design them while working with low-impact materials without toxic chemicals. 

Veja uses organic cotton by farmer associations in Brazil and Peru, wild natural rubber from Amazon forest, recycled plastic and vegetable-tanned leather. All the materials and production process respect fair trade and ethical principles. Considering other (non-sustainable) high street and luxury sneakers on the market their prices are quite fair and go between £80-£115.

Emma Watson & Emily Ratajkowski 

The brand offers vegan trainers too. They have spent 5 years creating a leather substitute when finally discovered C.W.L, a vegan and bio-sourced material. This is a biodegradable material made from a coated canvas composed of 50% corn waste and polyurethane. 

Sounds impressive! 

Lucy Williams


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Editor’s note: Feature image via Veja/Flaunter.

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