Modern-day Bridgerton: how to wear a corset in an empowering way

How is Netflix’s hit series making us crazy about corsets.

With nowhere to go with the UK in a third national lockdown, Netflix has been everyone’s point of call with 82 million households living out their Jane Austen fantasies.

Ellen Mirojnick’s carefully crafted designs for the show have made many wishes to promenade for suitors in such similar creations but 21st-century style.

Is it the delicately designed dresses or the Duke of Hastings who have caused an obsession in corsets in the past weeks? Either way, it is a definite yes to corsets and a must-have fashion staple for this next season.

Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton is already making us think about investing in a corset this season. Photo: Netflix

How to style corsets?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, who wants to be restricted in a corset? Uncomfortable right? Chanel liberated women’s bodies from corsets for a reason. Yet, it is the structure of said corset that people are in love with.

The must-have piece is so easily styled due to its simplistic designs. A definite pairing is with jeans or leather pants. This outfit would be perfect for date night or a girly get together for bottomless brunching (we can still dream about the times we could go out!).

For businesswoman and ultimate boss vibes, a corset with a blazer and smart trousers are the ideal combination to show that girls run the world (thanks Beyoncé).

The structured outfit pulls you in at the waist and gives you an effortless hourglass figure whilst making you look taller with the vertical bone structure of the corset.


Layering has also been the perfect go-to and now for a more grunge look, pair a plain black corset with a crisp white shirt, distressed jeans, and winter staple combat boots.

The mix of timeless femininity in a corset with the jeans and combat boots creates a more dressed down everyday look.

For an even more relaxed look, a definite pairing is a plain coloured square neck corset with loungewear essential: sweatpants. The unlikely combination gives off an effort without trying feeling. Finish off with a chunky trainer or boot and blazer coat.

Ultimately, corsets are the perfect way to fulfil a 19th-century romance novel whilst still looking like a 21st-century independent woman.


Editor’s note: Feature image via Netflix, @dagmarajarzynka, Kylie Jenner and Angela Bassett. Created by FTG Magazine.