Mini hair trend everyone talks about – hair knots

Super chic knotted hairstyles!
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If someone said a messy bun, you know, just like the one we wear at home in the mornings, will become a beauty trend this winter, you probably wouldn’t believe it. Well, that is exactly what happened as brands such as Diane von Furstenberg, Giorgio Armani, Isabel Marant and J.W. Anderson decided to embellish their creations with these imperfect, yet perfectly styled hair knots. Hairdressers in Dennis Brasso’s backstage went with a bit sophisticated hair knot, simply twisting the hair around the low ponytail. 

A hairstyle that is appropriate for day-to-night events and is super easy to pull off wherever you are, seems to be popular even on the red carpet because many celeb ladies wore exactly this trendy hairstyle perfectly incorporated with elegant gowns. 

Hair knots fw2015 red carpet at
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Jennifer Lawrence rocked a unique and creative hair knot at the Golden Globes, while Elizabeth Banks attended the ‘Resident Advisors’ premiere wearing a couple of mini buns. Heidi Klum also attended the Golden Globes wearing a pulled back hair in a stylish twisted updo.

From backstage to red carpet…everyone can have this chic hairstyle!

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