Mental health: how to stay healthy and focused whilst working from home

How to look after your mental health while working from home during the lockdown.

During these exceptionally challenging times, many are struggling not only with their physical health but also with their mental health. It is commonly known that one’s mental health and physical wellbeing are intricately interlinked.

It is therefore essential that you look after both. It may be difficult to motivate yourself at times to exercise when you are isolated and alone, and all around you, there is chaos.

It may be difficult to motivate yourself in lockdown. 

But actually, it is even more important today that you maintain a healthy physical state as that will greatly improve and assist your mental wellbeing.

How to organise your day in a lockdown?

Let’s start with the easiest thing we all can do which is to get a good night’s sleep. When you wake up, start your day with a healthy breakfast.

And don’t take short cuts with your breakfast as whatever you have determines how much energy you will have for the rest of the day. So hopefully you will have had your healthy breakfast, then you are all set to be constructive and meet the day’s challenges.

Highly recommend that you at least go outside and get some fresh air.

If possible, go for a long walk or a light jog.

If you can’t go outside, you can always exercise at home. There are plenty of online exercise or yoga classes on YouTube if you need some extra inspiration. With an oxygenated brain, you are now more likely to be mentally refreshed and ready for work.

Keep a positive attitude. Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

Working from home and mental health 

As many are now working from home, self-discipline is of utmost importance because it is easy to be distracted as you don’t have the regimen of your normal office environment.

It can also be difficult to motivate yourself when many of the social interactions we are accustomed to and look forward to having after work are no longer available.

But try to keep to your regular work schedule as it will help you to structure your environment into a familiar format.

How to separate work and your home life when working from home

After work, make sure you that you allow yourself the often neglected “ME” time.  Pamper yourself with a hot foam bath, moisturise your skin, try a self-manicure as they will reinforce your self-worth.

To relax and unwind, read an interesting book or watch a good movie. Make sure you also eat a healthy dinner.

Why not try out new recipes or cooking masterpieces – could come in handy when we are allowed to socialise again. And it is also important to interact socially as the human disposition requires it.

Don’t forget to connect with friends and family.

There are luckily so many ways to connect nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Zoom and the list goes on.

Before you know it, it will be bedtime again. And that means one day closer to normality returning.


Editor’s note: Featured image via United Nations COVID-19 Response.