It color: dark green

Military green is gone, say hello to new IT shade!
IT color dark green collage by
Photo credit: Livingly/ImaxTree, Net-a-porter, H&M, Asos

It seems the era of military green’s absolute dominance of the autumn-winter colours has finally ended. We would lie if we wouldn’t admit that there weren’t some other hit colours like burgundy or yellow led by military green. However, this season on the streets we will see another special shade – dark green. Unlike the military, this green is a slightly brighter, richer and more luxurious version of the same colour. What would be a royal blue in the blue palette, that would be emerald in green shades? We could call it the royal green, it suits her.

As usually happens, it colour of the season includes your whole wardrobe. Especially popular is the full range of fashion accessories, but these autumn midi dark green skirts have become a must-have. It doesn’t really surprise us, who could resist this dark winter colour which is actually not boring.


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