Iris Apfel film – documentary you need to see if you are a fashion lover

A documentary film dedicated to iconic fashion icon, interior designer and artist.
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Photo credit: Magnolia Pictures

Iris is definitely not just another fashion film. Following the life of a 93-year-old fashion icon, interior designer and artist Iris Apfel and her husband Carl, this film is a story about creativity, life, art and fashion. Featuring such an iconic person from the world of fashion and art, it surely deserves some fashionable attention.

The film is directed by 88-year-old filmmaker and documentarian Albert Maysles who passed away just briefly before the première. He captured her brilliance, skills and a free spirit in the best possible way.

Iris is part of the New York fashion scene for decades, but other than a fashion icon she paved her way as a successful businesswoman and interior designer. Born and raised in the Big Apple, this fashionable icon had an interest in fashion, art and interior design from a young age. After her college experience where she studied art history, Iris and her husband founded the textile company called Old World Weavers in 1948.

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Photo credit: Magnolia pictures / Bruce Weber

If you are into the fashion documentaries or simply films about inspiring people from the artistic and design world, the story about Iris Apfel will surely find a place among your favourite must-see films. The film is already in cinemas.

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