Indoor plant guide – how did greenery become so fashionable?

Houseplants made a comeback in stylish homes.
Photo: Kari Shea, Tu Tu

Have you heard green is the new black? No, we are not talking about fashion trends, rather home design one.

This greenery trend was spotted all over social media. It believes that plants bring home back to life as well as that they have many benefits on health, love and overall happiness.

The best accessory your home can get right now

If you just scroll down an Instagram page of average millennials, you will clearly see how obsessed they became with an urban garden theme. Since many of the millennials are also renters with limited decorating and budget opportunities, houseplants really help to make any space feel like home.

With the 70’s interior design vibe that came back in style this year, succulents, cactuses, Monstera and Dracaena plants are a key to a happy modern home. They inject an instant life in spaces such as cosy living rooms, spa-inspired bathrooms and homey kitchens. The enthusiasm doesn’t stop here though. Indoor accessories make the whole story come together, with macrame hanging pots, terrariums and mid-century plant stands to lead the trend.

Photo: Timothy Buck
Photo: Jeff Sheldon, Brina Blum

Stylish homes are not the only ones filled with greenery. Many modern offices, trendy coffee shops, hotels and restaurants embraced the movement too. On the other side, fashion retailers such as Urban Outfitters are selling indoor plants and accessories, which makes this trend even more available to wide audiences.

For everyone willing to try the urban jungle trend, here’s a simple indoor houseplant guide with the most common house plants right now.


Photo: FTG