If you thought you knew all the cool ways to wear braided hair, these hair stylists are here to prove you wrong

These are not your regular braids.

In the world of braids, it seems like there are two types of braided hair. First, a regular three-strand braid is a classic, the kind of hairstyle pretty much everyone knows how to do. And then there’s a second type, the one that looks a bit more polished and put together, definitely not something you could quickly do in a busy morning. 

From Dutch and French braids to twists, waterfall and fishtail braids, they do it all. These talented hairstylists will blow you away with their skills and technique, and probably show you the ways to wear braided hair you have never seen before.

Just another braid or form of art?

The truth to be told, these are not some beginner’s hairstyles you can easily do in a couple of minutes, they take practice. Still, it’s quite satisfying to watch these talented hairstylists make such incredible hairstyles from scratch.

After all, who doesn’t love braids – they always look elegant and chic, and once you have them, they are super practical, long-lasting and pretty much low maintenance (short-haired ladies reading this sorry to miss out).

Braided hair works wonderfully as an everyday hairstyle or can spruce up your special occasion hair. Either way, it never disappoints. And so don’t these hairstylists with their creative solutions on how to braid hair in new, fresh ways that look so breathtaking.

Okay, but can I do it myself?

Yes. If you are extremely talented. Joking aside, you could learn some of the styles and techniques especially since there are numerous video tutorials online that can help you brush up your hairdresser skills. It might take some time and patience (and a hair model!), but the reward makes it worth it. 

If that’s still a bit much for you, ask a friend or a family member to help you out even if they have loads of experience. Maybe your hairstyle won’t be just as perfect as hoped but at least you can have some fun.


Editor’s note: Feature image via @viola_pyak and @terttiina.