Exclusive Chanel jewellery collection finally sales online

How to buy Chanel online?

One of the most famous and oldest fashion brands based in Paris, Chanel, will make a début online shopping world for the first time since the foundation of the brand. To be precise, Chanel has partnered with the most popular luxury online destination Net-a-porter and will be selling their luxury goods.

Photo credit: Vogue

However, Chanel will be selling only luxury jewellery in a limited period of three weeks. Net-a-porter’s “pop-up” store will be opened in the period from April 15 to May 6 and it will offer a limited edition jewellery collection called Coco Crush. The collection consists of six key pieces made of white and yellow gold with “matelassé” or quilted pattern.

The prices are reaching up to several thousand euros, in a recognizable Chanel’s style.

Photo credit: Chanel Youtube video
Photo credit: Chanel YouTube

But the fact that Chanel has decided to go online is really surprising, so we are wondering – what will be next?


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