How to live more sustainably: 12 ways to reduce your environmental impact

Today is Earth Day and this is what we can all do to live more eco-friendly.

There has been a lot of talking about how we can live more eco-friendly and what can we do as individuals to reduce our footprint over the last recent years.

Many have realised what climate change, deforestation, unsustainable agriculture and plastic pollution can do, not just on the environment, but animals and people too. Alter all, humans are not the only living beings that call Earth home and we need to take responsibility for unsustainable human activities that led to the issues we are dealing today.

Since we celebrate Earth Day today, we decided to share 12 super easy ways you can make a change, for yourself and our planet. Right now. 

So what can you do? Take a look.


1. Ditch: fast fashion; Alternative: vintage fashion

How to live more eco-friendly
Photo: Charles Etoroma


2. Ditch: cotton pads; Alternative: washable cotton pads

3. Ditch: plastic toothbrush; Alternative: bamboo toothbrush

How to live eco friendly
Photo: Superkitina

4. Ditch: plastic razor; Alternative: metal/bamboo razor

5. Ditch: liquid shampoo; Alternative: shampoo bag

6. Ditch: plastic hairbrush; Alternative: wooden hairbrush

7. Ditch: tampons and pads Alternative: menstrual cup 


8. Ditch: plastic bags; Alternative: cotton shopping bags

How to live more eco-friendly
Photo: Sylvie Tittel

9. Ditch: plastic straw; Alternative: metal straw

10. Ditch: plastic food containers; Alternative: glass food containers

11. Ditch: cling film; Alternative: beeswax wrap

12. Ditch: plastic cups and water bottles; Alternative: reusable cups and bottles

How to live more eco-friendly
Photo: Nicole Honeywill