How to dress up wearing super comfy sweatpants and loungewear

Party dressing has got a new meaning this Holiday season – you might not wear a sequin dress, but you can still dress up, casually.

Fancy dinner or black-tie event might be off the plate, somehow we can still find a way to appropriately dress up this festive season.

If it’s up to the fashion influencers, sweatpants and comfy loungewear have found a new purpose in our wardrobe and it’s not just to binge-watch Netflix.

So forget about glamorous gowns, this lockdown trend is even more fashionable. And comfy.

How to style loungewear in a dressed-up way?

Dressing up in loungewear it’s probably not as smart as your usual office outfit but it’s no less stylish. Simply, add a dash of sophistication to your casual clothes with a your classic wardrobe staples. Structured coat, feminine bottoms and elegant shoes, will be a real game changers in this case. 

If you are out and about, this is finally perfect time to include the fancy bag you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Fine jewellery can work too.

Go head-to-toe sweatpants look if you are on the mission to look cool and edgy, otherwise stick to one key loungewear piece. Pair with knee-high boots or take it up a notch with your favourite heels.

It’s best to keep it neutral in which case total tonal look will do magic, but if you prefer spicing things up, don’t go overboard – 3 base colours are a perfect balance. However, neutrals such as beiges and greys have been extremely in demand this season, and are pretty much a safe choice that always looks smart. 

Enjoy this lockdown trend, because who knows when it will be this chic to dress up hoodies and leggings.



Editor’s note: Feature image via Tim da-Rin/Flaunter.