Forget Valentine’s Day, you will love these pieces all year long

We have set our hearts for these items.

We often hear February is a month of love, but why keep the love for your partner or yourself only for a few weeks when you can enjoy it all year long?

These days Valentine’s Day has become a very commercial holiday, often celebrating gifts rather than gestures. However, if you still want to treat yourself or your loved one, these are fashionable pieces to love and style all year long, not just for the Valentines.

Photo credit: Flaunter, Net-a-porter, Nui Ami, Olivia von Halle, The Vampire’s Wife, Topshop, Zara / FTG

What are wardrobe essentials you can enjoy all year long?

The first thing that comes to our minds is a simple everyday piece. Think comfy day dress you can wear day to night, no matter the season.

On the other hand, investing in a statement item is always a good idea if you are looking to update your current wardrobe in a fun and stylish way. Go with fashion-forward accessory as they can easily give even the most basic outfit a high-fashion spin.

Also, when treating yourself or your loved one, you should think about splurging on something you don’t see, but it definitely helps to feel fabulous – underwear. Many often go with simple and affordable options when it comes to lingerie and night accessories. However, considering high-quality brands is a great way not only to indulge yourself but also think more sustainable and eco-friendly.

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