Everyone on social media is obsessed with these £40 sandals

Spoiler alert: dad’s sandals just got chic.

You thought we are talking about the famous Birkenstocks, didn’t you? Well, you almost got that right. Although we love a good pair of comfy summer shoes, Instagram decided to give a chance to another exciting brand – Teva

Founded in 1984, this footwear brand is all about active and adventurous “strap in and go,” lifestyle, which explains why Teva offers a selection of hard-wearing, high-quality and lightweight shoes.

Does compy and stylish go together?

The original Teva sandals (aka the social media must-have) are made of adjustable nylon or textile straps and durable rubber soles. They are chunky, they are ugly, but somehow very chic. It might take a bit of imagination, though, but trust us, they are.

Photo: @emmahill

According to the stylish influencers, these dad’s sandals are the perfect summer go-to shoes for free-spirited fashionistas. You probably won’t wear them to the fancy restaurant but you definitely will take you Teva’s on an adventurous holiday or around the town walk (they are a favourite of travellers, hikers and outdoor lovers for a reason).

Priced at £40 (some less, some more depending on a model), you might consider these unfashionable, yet classic summer sandals after all. Will you?

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