Dry body brushing: what is it and do you need it

How can this body care regimen help you get beautiful, soft and healthy skin.

Let’s be honest here, body care is usually the last thing on our daily personal care routine. After all the skincare, haircare, makeup and hygiene, it’s hard to squeeze that extra 5 minutes for some additional treatments, isn’t it?

But, what if we tell you those 5 minutes are actually enough to have soft, healthy and glowing skin? After all, the skin is the human body’s largest organ and it deserves the right care.

Want to know how? Well, this simple and inexpensive body treatment is an old wellness trick worth adding to your daily skincare regimen.

What is dry body brushing?

Body brushing is a type of a self-massage created to stimulate your blood flow, remove toxins and exfoliate dead skin cells. Regular brushing can help prevent the build-up of cellulite, boost circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Simply, it’s an easy and effective way to have smooth and soft skin from top-to-bottom, but also to improve your energy and wellbeing.

What is dry body brushing and what are the benefits
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What are the benefits?

  1. Removes dead skin cells and toxins
  2. Helps to boost the immune system
  3. Ideal for exfoliation which helps your skin look more healthy
  4. Helps to stimulate skin circulation and blood flow
  5. Increases lymphatic drainage and muscle tone 
  6. Reduces the appearance of cellulite 
  7. Improve overall skin texture 

How to body brush?

Start with the soles of your feet, brush in long, upward strokes up to your legs and tights. Move over to the hands and arms, following the upper back using the same motions. Finally, finish with your chest, neck and abdomen, always brush towards your heart with circular motions. Avoid brushing sensitive areas such as a face or throat, as well as irritated or damaged skin.

Don’t scrub your skin  – the pressure should be stimulating enough to increase circulation but gentle on the skin. It’s best to dry brush before a bath or shower, for 3-5 minutes, preferably in the morning at least 2-3 times a week. 

How to dry body brush
Photo: Natalia Kuzina/FreePik

Few last tips…

  1. It’s recommended to body brush in the morning to increase your energy levels and to wake up your body.
  2. It may be obvious, but dry body brushing means you should not wet your brush nor use it on a damp skin
  3. Never dry brush your skin if it’s sunburned, irritated, extra dry or flaky. Avoid if you have psoriasis, eczema or any wounds.
  4. Choose the right brush wisely – most of them are made of boar bristles, so if you are looking for a vegan-friendly option, go with natural wood and cactus fibres.

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