Coolest nail art inspired by the 2018 fashion trends
August 22, 2018 BY Antonia Piha


So far, Instagram has launched hundreds of beauty and nail trends from the 3D effect to Lady gaga stiletto pointy nails, but this summer we’ve noticed another unexpected trend so cute we want to try it right away – nail art inspired by fashion trends straight from the runway which means you can wear high-end fashion in an unconventional way which is, luckily, quite affordable.

Many talented nails artists did an amazing job with creating manicures by recreating summer trends such a gingham, polka dots, florals and logo-inspired fashion.

Although it may sound a bit over the top, this kind of nail art is actually very simple, yes glamorous since the shorter round nails (or simply said “everyday nails”) have been popular for a few seasons now not only on Instagram but fashion catwalks too. Looking for a cute an everyday accessory? Look no further.  




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