Broderie anglaise is the most romantic trend you will see this season

This cute summery fabric is having its moment.

Just when you wrap your head around one seasonal trend another one has already popped up on the streets and in stores. And let’s be real, this is not either budget-friendly nor sustainable. Luckily, this trend has been around for years. It’s such a classic that can be worn and recycled all over again and it made a huge comeback this spring. Meet broderie anglaise!

What is exactly broderie anglaise?

Broderie anglaise has quite a long history, dating back to the 16th century in eastern Europe, but it became widely known in England during the Victorian era.

It’s a type of a cotton fabric recognisable because of its small oval holes or eyelets, cut-outs usually created in decorative patterns and floral design with scalloped trim, similar to lace.

Broderie anglaise trend
Photo: @oliviapalermo

How to wear it?

Since the nature of this style is so delicate, lightweight and very bohemian, it’s often considered as a perfect summer piece. However, don’t give up on broderie anglaise so quickly if you aren’t enjoying your vacay. Indeed, it can be worn all year long layered with a jacket or gilet on top.

So what makes this trend a go-to choice for many stylish fashionistas? Well, any broderie piece it’s a statement itself due to the unique look, especially a dress or jumpsuit. Looks good paired with a woven tote and oversized hat, as well as some strappy sandals or comfy flats. Broderie white top, on the other side, works wonderfully with denim, which is already proved by chic influencers. This subtle contrast is casual enough to be worn day-to-night, yet chic enough to make it a dressed-up look.

Brodeire anglaise trend
Photo: @margusha____
Broiderie anglaise trend
Photo: @fashionsensored
Broderie anglaise trend
Photo: @justanothermannequin
Photo: @amy_daniels
Photo: @lolachanel5
Broderie anglaise trend
Photo: @louise.thompson
Broderie anglaise trend
Photo: @sara_waiste

Editor’s note: Featured image via Linda Rose/Unsplash. 

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